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Are Catty Stacks stable?
  Yes! Catty stacks are incredibly stable when stacked correctly. The rule of thumb is the vertical number of boxes should not exceed 1 more than the horizontal number of boxes.
In other words, if you stack 4 boxes high, you should have at least 3 boxes at the base.

Here's a link to a short video of our friends Lola and Tang playing on three boxes.  You will see that the boxes do not move at all.
Are Catty Stacks strong?
  Yes!  Our Catty Stacks' heavy-duty, double-walled cardboard is incredibly strong.  Each box can support over 40lbs in weight when distributed evenly.  That's more than enough for two very large cats.
Even with multiple cats, we have boxes over a year old that are still in great shape.
How big are Catty Stacks?
  16"W x 16"D x 15"H
Small side holes are 6" in diameter
Large side perforated holes are 10.5" in diameter
Top/Bottom holes are 5.5" in diameter
Will my cat scratch the boxes?
  Every cat is different but all cats need safe places to scratch. For some reason, our cats never decided to scratch the boxes, but we are sure some cats will. However, we feel that it's better to scratch an inexpensive box than to scratch an expensive sofa.

If the box succumbs to scratching, just throw it in the recycling bin. It might become another Catty Stacks some day.