Wholesale Inquiries

Interested in reselling our product? 

Catty Stacks are available wholesale in 20-unit cartons, either all one color (blue, brown, green, or white) or mixed with 5 units of each color.  (Pink is not currently available in wholesale.) 

2 Cartons with Display Header

Cartons measure 19x20x22" and weigh 55 pounds. 

Cartons can also be ordered with reusable Headers that serve as a POP display, allowing you to sell right out of the carton.

16 Carton Pallet

16-carton (320 unit) Pallet pricing is also available. 
Pallets measure 48x42x90" and weigh 920 pounds.

20' containers fit 10 pallets.
40' containers fit 20 pallets.
53' trucks fit 26 pallets.

Catty Stacks fold flat, making efficient use of shelf and warehouse space.  As an example, you can store 100 Catty Stacks boxes on a 5 sq ft footprint (20" x 36"), 6' 9" height.

For pricing information, please email us at wholesale@cathousesystem.com or call 888-984-5556.