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"What's fun about Catty Stacks is that you can create your own configuration, essentially tailoring housing and a jungle gym to fit your cat's individual needs.  Cats can hang, hide, sleep, climb - whatever their little fuzzy hearts desire."
~Cat Fancy Magazine, November 2010 - (click  for full review)

"What We're Loving: Catty Stacks Cat Houses: It's no secret that cats love the simple things in life, particularly the mysterious pleasures found in the confines of corrugated cardboard. The creative folks at Catty Stacks have figured out how to make the most of this mysterious pleasure and have created an eco-friendly, spacious, durable and customizable habitat that cats love to play, lounge and hide in."
~Discovery.com's Animal Planet, November 2010 - (click for full review)

"cats LOVE the thrill of climbing in and out of boxes, but who wants to keep a pile of drab, ratty cardboard lying around the house? Catty Stacks to the rescue! This slick, durable and stackable system of fun-for-your-cat, modern-looking houses is made from 100% sustainable materials and comes in an assortment of happy colors. While each "house" is roomy enough for your kitty to explore or simply curl up in and take a snooze, it's also smartly designed to pack flat for easy shipping and storage."
~San Francisco Chronicle (click for full review)

"CattyStacks are all the rage in the cat world. They fill two needs: height and play. Seemingly simple cardboard designed boxes, right? Well, good luck making your boxes in your garage into one of these origami boxes. These boxes are not your regular cardboard..."
~petconnection.com, Naples, FL (click for full review with videos)

“The thing I’m most impressed with is the strength of the double thickness cardboard. This is some of the strongest cardboard I’ve seen, so the Catty Stacks should last a long time.”
~moderncat.net, Phoenix, AZ (click for full review)