Catty Stacks Cat Condo Features

We have cats, just like you.  We recognized that our cats love the boxes their toys come in better than the toys themselves. 
We thought Why fight it? and set out to build a better box.  Catty Stacks are the best boxes you can buy! (Say that 5 times fast.) 
Our proprietary cardboard is made just for us, just for this purpose.  Think fold-able wood, but just as eco-friendly as regular cardboard.

Great for other small pets too, like bunnies and dogs.

Catty Stacks are:

  • Eco-Friendly
    Recycled, recyclable, vegetable-based inks, reusable hardware, minimal packaging
  • Economical
    Less expensive than cat furniture of similar size
  • Configurable
    Create unique shapes, mix and match colors
  • Durable
    Heavy-duty, industrial-strength Corrugated UltraboardTM, suitable for multiple pets up to 20 lbs each
  • Cats LOVE boxes
    Cats have a strong natural affinity to cardboard boxes
  • Modular
    Easy to add or replace boxes over time
  • Stable
    Boxes secure to each other, supporting the play of even multiple large cats
  • Dynamic
    Easily rearranged or relocated to maintain your cat’s interest
  • Promotes healthy exercise
    Multiple levels and peak points keep cats moving and entertained
  • Contemporary
    Modern accent to any décor
  • Versatile
    Can be free-standing, set alongside walls or in corners
  • Light weight
    Significantly lighter to ship and handle than wooden or plastic alternatives
  • Clean
    No odor and easier to clean than carpet covered structures, great for allergy sufferers!
  • Scratch-able
    Safe scratch zone provides alternative to expensive furniture
  • Creative
    Fun to decorate with paint, crayons, stickers, etc.  Great for kids projects